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Technology Tutoring

Brain Storming on Paper

Technology doesn't need to be hard, but we know it can be.

We specialize in making technology easy, especially for entrepreneurs. Jumping into an online world can be overwhelming. If you have ever wished you could have a young kid teach you the technology tricks, you are in luck. We aren't teenagers, but we are tech-savvy and are able to break technology down into easy understandable bite size pieces.  

Why Get A Tech Tutor?

You're Lost

If you are lost when you start thinking of how to make a powerpoint or how to get setup on google drive, we are here to help. Running a business is hard enough, so we help you understand the parts that are overwhelming for you.


We are experts at explaining things in simple terms so that you can understand. We will never call you stupid or say, "it's so easy", because we know it isn't for everyone. We will be your tech teacher and encourage you along the way, just like a teacher should.


We work on whatever you need help with. No set plan covering things you don't care about. Let's spend an hour together going over your concerns and create an action plan for each session based around your needs.

Give us a call and let's chat about what kind of technology assistance you are looking for and if we would be a good fit!

Our Prices and Packages

We believe in being upfront and honest. No hidden fees, which is why we feel strongly in showing you our prices.

Tech Tutoring

We meet in person in Denver, CO or remote via Zoom. We help with what you need help with.
  • Website Assistance

  • Google Drive

  • Google Classroom

  • Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc)

  • How to Save Files

  • Apple/Mac Organization

  • Email Issues

  • Building systems for your business

  • Contact Forms

This and so much more! Just ask us about what you need help with and we will be honest about if we can help. 

Hourly Rate: $75

We offer packages for 5+ sessions prepaid as well
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