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Why Healthy Digital?

Meet The Owners

Chloe and Amanda are both Doctors of Physical Therapy who are like you...entreprenuers! And the funny part is...we've NEVER met in person...unless you count zoom.

We know that being an entrepreneur is not super common in our field, but the best part is that we know what's important to you as a clinician, and what's important to your patients! But we also know that providing the best care for our patients/clients is HUGE...and in this world, you're our client! So sit back and let us help you get more clients in the door so you can really focus on what you love - HELPING PEOPLE!

So here is a little more about us.



Amanda's been a PT since 2013 and in 2019, decided start helping people with their websites and with technology in general.

Being a Physical Therapist taught Amanda how to teach people when things don't come easy to them.


As she was building her business, her fellow colleagues would ask Amanda all of their tech questions and she was always able to explain it in an easy way, without people feeling frustrated and stupid.

So Amanda decided to help her fellow entrepreneurs stop getting frustrated, annoyed, and stop getting stuck in their tracks just because of the technology.

Amanda has been building websites since she was 10, when she started learning HTML and doing things the hard way before things like Wix and Squarespace existed.

Now Amanda loves helping people with their tech issues, building websites, and making sure everything works the way they are supposed to, without you having to deal with any of the frustration. 


Chloe just graduated in 2020 and after working in PT has also found a love for working in technology.


Chloe has taken her creative talents into the digital marketing world. She started with marketing, but has found a huge passion for working with people on their brand and imaging. Chloe is hoping to add logo design and branding to our growing skillset as soon as possible!

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